The Sibarist

Architopia: towards sustainable architecture

At ART U READY, dissemination is very important. With the special collaboration of Acciona

ART U READY made a call to action with the exhibition Arquitopía by artist Sergio Femar, who creates works of great beauty from recovered construction waste. In parallel to Femar, Acciona presented an exhibition of contemporary pieces of street furniture made with 3D printers. We were privileged to have the collaboration of a world leader in sustainability and innovation.

In ART U READY, dissemination is very important; for this reason, on this occasion we had both the artist himself and two architects, Joaquín Vaquero and Álvaro Antoranz to answer some questions related to recycling and sustainability in architecture.

Sergio Femar, artist
What would you highlight about Arquitopía?

Do you use sustainable materials in your work?

What did the collaboration with Acciona mean to you?

What do you think is the biggest challenge for your generation?

Joaquín Vaquero, architect
Within architecture, which material would be the most sustainable?

Is a zero waste building possible?

Is it possible to move towards the use of recycled materials?

Álvaro Antoranz, architect
Can a building be recycled?

What is the future of architecture – building renovation?

… Industrialisation? Both?