The Sibarist
  • Art
  • 28 Feb 2017

Art u Ready 2017 presents an exhibition by Iván Montero

I am of stone, I am of water


“I sing, river, with your waters:

Of stone, those who do not cry out.

Of stone, those who do not laugh.

Of stone, those who do not sing.

I will never be stone.

I will shout when I have to.

I will laugh when I have to.

I’ll sing when I have to.


Iván Montero, born in Salamanca in 1972, arrived in Segovia at the age of 8, studied Applied Arts at the Casa de los Picos and later returned to Salamanca to study Fine Arts. He specialised in painting with a scholarship from the European Community in Romania, where he completed his studies.

Colour and matter are the key elements in the artist’s work, his painting is strongly influenced by abstract expressionism, action painting and the new currents of contemporary art.

This was the exhibition of Iván Montero Soy de piedra, soy de agua at El Invernadero The Sibarist curated by ART U READY.

Photographs: Pedro de Agustín