The Sibarist

Art, architecture, dance and movement on the seashore

Tenerife North: an experience that connects with local values and culture

Sleeping on the edge of a cliff in a 17th century Hacienda in northern Tenerife.

An experience that connects with local values and culture.

Our Haciendas de Tenerife are launching Call for artist, an interesting initiative to promote local artists aligned with design, art and architecture. In his first artist residency the invited artist is Derek Pedrós, filmmaker and photographer from the Canary Islands.

In his work he explores the relationship between space and movement, proposing a simple enjoyment of time, slowing down the hyperconnection and speed to which we are subjected to give free rein to creativity and connect with the magic of a place.

A proposal that claims a more sustainable tourism and care for the environment as well as within the experience itself, which tries to promote a change in the model to value art, culture, local traditions and care for the territory.

Another way of travelling is possible, another way of living is possible.

“I believe that this crisis is the perfect moment to re-evaluate our role as a society, to rethink what we value most and what we allow to deteriorate with our decisions.
It is sadly known that my islands and my country have decided to burn their treasures with the short term in mind, for a quick profit. A quick ticket to nowhere.
I am confident that a change of tourism model is one of the many decisions we have to make now, to focus on giving value and respect to our art and culture, to our lands and traditions as they are, without a cheap, unnecessary and false layer of sun and beach.
That is why I am very grateful when I have met people and projects that share these ideas with me.
As a serendipity, I discovered the call of the artists of Canaryessense, who gave me the opportunity to research and create in their amazing villas. It is wonderful when you discover projects with a delicate sense of design, interest in context and respect for art as a way to communicate our deepest concerns and emotions.
For me, it was the perfect opportunity to focus my project on architecture and dance, movement and space, territory and identity.
“I am a filmmaker and photographer from the Canary Islands with a background in fashion, and in these years living all over the world I have focused mainly on movement, but for the last year, my main concern has been the relationship between movement and the space where it takes place, in architecture and dance. So your proposal was perfect for me.
It was amazing to have the opportunity to slow down a bit in this world of hyperconnectedness and hyper speed, to let creativity emerge, and to enjoy the time in a magical place like Hacienda Cuatro Ventanas.
It is special to rediscover the north of my own island, my own territory.
And to have the necessary time to contrast my ideas about the important and the accessory in this post-pandemic world.
I had the honour of being in this artistic residency with dancers and creatives such as Javier Arozena, Emiliana Battista and Gino Senesi. A wonderful team that gave me the opportunity to learn in the process
in the process and get these incredible results”.

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