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  • 30 Apr 2024

‘Bela in analog’, charity auction on 13 May in aid of the Madrid Food Bank

ART U READY joins forces with Bodegas Bela to host an exhibition whose proceeds will be donated in full to the Banco de Alimentos de Madrid. 10 works by 10 artists photographers that we will be able to purchase next Monday 13th May in our Tr31ntayuno space.

What is the meaning of wine for you? Where do you like to enjoy it, alone or with others? At what time of the day? What is your most special memory in front of a glass?

‘We asked photographers, artists and content creators to tell us, through analogue photography, about their relationship with wine. To make tangible what we don’t usually see and immortalise their most personal sensations in images that will last forever”, Bodegas Bela.

The intimacy of wine through the eyes and the accurate shot of a group of friends, who rescue the craftsmanship and the slow language of the analogue to portray their purest vision of our reds and whites.

‘Bela en analógico: Diario de un vino de Ribera’ navigates through the most personal frames of wine lovers who, like you, have a lot to tell.

Now, these glimpses of wine will be transformed into food through the auction of a selection of photographs by these authors.

Alfonso Onhur 

Alfonso Ohnur’s long career and personal style have led him to become one of the most important fashion photographers in Spain. He began shooting in analogue, and although he continues to use it, he has ended up navigating in digital.

Art, architecture and cinema, one of his great passions, have become his nooks and crannies of inspiration. He sees fashion photography as a place in which to create stories and make those on the other side dream, as if it were a film.

‘Wine is another form of artistic expression and, above all, of wisdom’.
Tamaño: 420 x 594 mm. Soporte: Ilford Multigrade Acabado Perla. Autor: Alfonso Onhur.

Bárbara Lanzat 

The story of photographer Bárbara Lanzat began at the age of 8, when her father’s brother, also a photographer, gave her a camera as a gift on the day of her First Communion. After studying Audiovisual Communication, she decided to turn her childhood hobby into her profession.

‘Wine takes me back to the summers with my grandfather, he always dined with his little glass of wine. Also to family weddings, where I began to discover that garnet colour that attracted my attention (...). Life is better with friends, cheese and wine’.
Tamaño: 420 x 594 mm. Soporte: Ilford Multigrade Acabado Perla. Autor: Bárbara Lanzat.

Bea Gaspar 

With a background in communications, Bea Gaspar decided to turn her career around and focus on photography and her other great passion: storytelling. During these years, in addition to being the creator of campaigns for fashion brands, many of them for children, she created the platform Hello! Creatividad, a virtual training space with courses focused on marketing, social media, photography and other topics related to creativity, family and business.

‘The diary has been an exercise in mixing my most characteristic point of view - such as the search for shadows and plays of light - with the different moments and places in the house where we enjoy wine: to welcome the guests, at aperitif time in the sun, in the kitchen, with a good meal, in the evening reading a book...’.
Tamaño: 420 x 594 mm. Soporte: Ilford Multigrade Acabado Perla. Autor: Bea Gaspar.

Cup of Couple 

Photographers and creative directors Mike Madrid and Gabriel García are the names and alma mater of Cup of Couple. High doses of inspiration, a keen sense of aesthetics and their intuition have led them to carve out an interesting niche for themselves in the Spanish fashion and design world. With this characteristic and quickly recognisable style, they have intimately portrayed their relationship with wine through Bela’s references.

‘Wine is home, well-being and enjoyment. A pause in the fast-paced world around us’.
Tamaño: 420 x 594 mm. Soporte: Ilford Multigrade Acabado Perla. Autores: Cup of couple.

Ester Bellón

Ester Bellón is an architect, a profession that undoubtedly influences the perfect blend of quality, hedonism and simplicity that characterises the content she creates on Instagram. Everything she touches with her wand takes on a unique and delicate character.

‘I found interesting the idea of associating wine with small pleasures, recreating everyday situations in which the atmosphere is favourable and, spontaneously, a moment of enjoyment is produced’.
Tamaño: 420 x 594 mm. Soporte: Ilford Multigrade Acabado Perla. Autor: Ester Bellón.

Inés de León

Inés de León, film and advertising director and scriptwriter, has managed to build a very particular style, fresh, fun and with a special eye for comedy. Her very personal style and sharp eye has led her to direct campaigns and fashion films for brands such as Gaultier, Chanel and Gucci. Together with Inés Lorenzo, she created the series ‘Fashion Drama’ on the website of the renowned Vogue magazine and has directed films such as ‘¿Qué te juegas?’ (2019) and ‘A todo tren 2’ (2022), in which she herself acts.

‘Wine has been elevated to artistic levels, drinking a few bottles is an experience’.
Tamaño: 420 x 594 mm. Soporte: Ilford Multigrade Acabado Perla. Autor: Inés de León.

Mileya Jevremovitch 

Photography has always been present in Mileva Jevremovitch’s life: her father’s cameras, negatives, slides projected in the living room, long photo sessions as a model, contact sheets and Polaroids. So when a medium-format camera fell into her hands in 2022, this photographer left marketing behind to set up her own darkroom in which to learn little by little and accompany the images from the shot to the paper.

‘I have done many tastings, I think the first one was in South Africa, when I was 18 years old, with my parents and, although I continue to learn every day, I keep the wine that conquers me in the mouth. Every moment and every mood can influence that conquest’.
Tamaño: 420 x 420 mm. Soporte: Ilford Multigrade Acabado Perla. Autor: Mileva Javremovitch.

Mirta Rojo

The photographer Mirta Rojo was born in Palencia and studied Audiovisual Communication. When she was a child she did not think of becoming a photographer, but her passion awoke years later when she was working as an assistant. Sensitivity, a taste for aesthetics and her technical skills are some of her hallmarks. Her twelve years of experience have taken her to the pages of magazines such as Vogue, El País Semanal, AD or Traveler, photographing fashion, travel or art.

‘At home, from a very young age, my grandmother used to give my sister and me a little wine and soda to taste, I remember it with tenderness. Over the years, I began to enjoy wine in specific situations and with age I have come to know its nuances and little by little I have grown to like it more and more. With a glass of wine, any moment tastes different’.
Precio salida a subasta: desde 200€ + IVA. Tamaño: 420 x 594 mm. Soporte: Ilford Multigrade Acabado Perla.

Palito Dominguín 

Palito Dominguín is a photographer, model and artist. Multifaceted and creative, she is passionate about artistic expression in all possible forms. And she has reflected this in her ‘Diary of a Ribera wine’, creating surreal scenarios in the heart of the Extremadura countryside in which to enjoy wine.

‘In the creation of both a wine and a photograph there is a story, a message, a work and an attention to detail that creates the perfection of the product’.
Tamaño: 420 x 594 mm. Soporte: Ilford Multigrade Acabado Perla. Autores: Palito Dominguín.

Uxío da Vila

Uxío da Vila was born in Madrid, studied law and became a self-taught photographer. That is where he stayed. His photographic work is analogue and his work, marked by the autobiographical, portrays the everyday, the passage of time and the perception of reality or memory.

‘My first memories of wine come from my childhood summers in Galicia. Almost like a ritual, every day with a group of friends, we would go to the sea to collect clams. Afterwards, we would take them to a bar in the village to exchange a handful for a bottle of homemade wine. I remember those aperitifs as something sensational’.
Tamaño: 420 x 594 mm. Soporte: Ilford Multigrade Acabado Perla. Autor: Uxío Da Vila.

Next Monday 13 May, our Tr31ntayuno space will be transformed into an ephemeral art gallery to host this charity auction of photographic works. We will be able to meet first-hand all the artists who will join us in support of this cause. To attend the auction, please register here. Limited places.