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  • 14 Dec 2021

Honest beauty, by Derek Pedrós with ELIURPI and Andrea Pérez

Architecture, dance, fashion, art and crafts come together in this audiovisual piece.

Honest beauty

The beauty of an instant, of a movement, of a look, of a thought… that sublime fleetingness that transcends the senses. Filmmaker Derek Pedros elevates our sensory perception by showing the essence, the strength and the value contained in the scene.

A sensory journey towards something more honest, that enhances the existing and reminds us of the philosophical concept that the good is also the essence of the beautiful and not just aesthetic pleasure.  This piece brings together a whole, the artistic truth and the sincerity of all its elements. The usefulness, the values, the goodness of that which tries to repair what it knows, which invites to take care and to take care of itself slowly. Beauty of divine character that enriches the soul.

Architecture, dance, fashion, art and handicraft come together to form this allegory that vindicates the highest beauty in the real and philosophical sense.

Andrea Pérez is the dancer and choreographer of this performance directed by Derek Pedrós. Her passion for movement began with rhythmic gymnastics in the Canary Islands, her homeland, and she later trained in classical ballet, contemporary dance and the María de Ávila Dance Conservatory in Madrid. She is currently a member of the international company Marcat Dance and works as a professional dancer in different projects in Germany and Spain.

Eliurpi is much more than a fashion brand. Elisabet Urpí and Nacho Umpiérrez are a creative duo who work and share a way of life.  Transversal artists inspired by architecture, abstract art and the Bauhaus movement. With a very defined aesthetic and coherent with their values, they create unique pieces that blur the lines between object and art. They value the most ancestral craftsmanship and advocate natural fabrics for the design of their handmade garments and limited edition objects. Useful art, slow fashion that finds in hats a form of artistic expression. Earth colours and blacks in search of balance and elegance, always giving prominence to their groundbreaking shapes.  Artisans, creative and honest like their brand. Artists of the 21st century.

Derek Pedrós, filmmaker and photographer from the Canary Islands. Director and producer of this artistic piece. His passion for architecture and dance are transmitted in each of his works. A creator of stories through dance in unique and historic properties in the Canary Islands, he recently made Diálogos de arquitectura in El Invernadero, on the occasion of the architecture festival Open House Madrid. He is now beginning to incorporate fashion as a fundamental artistic part and vehicle of expression in his audiovisual creations.

Silvia Hengstenberg, founding partner of The Sibarist, is responsible for the text and curatorship of this audiovisual work.

About the space

These unique rooms, dating from 1870, are located in the Wunderhouse student residence. This building, located at Calle San Lorenzo 20, was built in the second half of the 19th century by the Marquis of Villamagna, where he took up residence for several years. It was acquired years later by the Vatican, housing throughout its history from a university to a residence for a religious order. Today it still conserves its original appearance due to the fact that the reforms have respected its original structure and details, spaces completely adapted to contemporary use where original frescos from the 19th century are conserved in its halls.

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