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Interior design shines in the jewel edition of Casa Decor 2023

Casa Decor has done it again and is hosting until 28 May the most outstanding proposals in interior design gathered behind the French neoclassical façade, in a building located in the emblematic Serrano street.

Casa Decor 2023.

This self-styled ‘jewel edition‘, which brings to 58 the number of editions held since the creation of this interior design platform, brings together a total of 152 companies, of which 50% represent countries from the European Union, with Denmark (by COMAD Arquitectos) and Italy (designed by Beatriz Silveira) with their own spaces, as well as Switzerland, the United States and Japan. In the other 50% of Spanish participation, the presence once again of Castilla La Mancha stands out, with its own space designed by Ricardo de la Torre.

With three decades of experience, this showcase showcases the proposals of a selection of interior designers, architects, designers, artists and landscape designers spread over the four floors that make up the building, where 55 spaces have been adapted, distributed over 4,000 m2. All of them highlight the most significant trends of the moment, such as the importance of craftsmanship and traditional trades, wall coverings as one of the best resources in decoration, the inspiration of the avant-garde that draws on the Memphis movement, the inspiration with the Le Corbusier stamp or the most futuristic bets. In this way, all the disciplines in perfect synchrony transform this event into a “great laboratory of ideas and synergy with professionals”, in the words of Alicia García Cabrera, director of Casa Decor.

Flat for a human and his pet, by Studio Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez

Casa Decor 2023. Espacio Ecoplen. Studio Ruíz Velázquez. Fotografía: Nacho Uribesalazar

The architect Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez has recreated for Ecoplen, with the mastery and futuristic doses to which we are accustomed, a habitat dedicated to people and pets. The aim: “A dynamic, protective and inspiring home. Seeking movement and a habitability inspired by the fluidity and balance of nature, which enhances coexistence and happiness”.

Sinuous curves covered in Ecoclay clay mortar give shape to an organic and futuristic space, free of architectural barriers, designed for dogs and cats to enjoy with their owners. Made from intelligent, recyclable and sustainable materials, such as the textiles by the firm Ecoplen presented at Casa Decor, which combine their qualities with a very soft touch. Ceramic wall tiles by Saloni, a steam fireplace by Estufamanía, Bang & Olufsen loudspeaker, toilet and pushbuttons by Geberit and Axor taps complete the ambience.

With an eye on Art Brut, Jaime Jurado and Mónica Bartolessis’s living room

Casa Decor 2023.

In this case, Laminam’s coverings have been put at the service of an interior design that its creators, Jaime Jurado and Mónica Bartolessis, have called ‘Color Block’.

It consists of a living room inspired by the sophistication of Art Brut that is also reminiscent of Mondrian and plays with playful references to bring colour and energy in contrast with a neutral background. “Like Lego and Tetris, we have conceived our space by assembling pieces and colours, generating a mixture of textures and materials with geometric shapes that give the space a colourful simplicity”, they indicate.

A bedroom that applies the ‘do it yourself’, by Galán Sobrini Arquitectos for Leroy Merlin

Casa Decor 2023. Espacio Laminam. Jaime Jurado y Mónica Bartolesis. Fotografía: Nacho Uribesalazar

Adriana Arranz-Sobrini and Cristina Chaves Galán have gone beyond their standards of austerity and minimalism to create a bedroom designed as a refuge of comfort where one can forget about daily stress and abandon oneself to rest.

Executed by the construction company Gómez Real, in the so-called “El Rincón de la Monería“, the textile complements are the protagonists of this bedroom, inspired by English or Indian colonies, where the ceiling has been lined with fabric, the curtains cover the large windows and the lamps have been decorated with bright and long fringes. A freestanding bathtub is painted blue, contrasting with the green glazed tiles and doors trimmed with hand-painted floral moulding. The opposite front, which houses the ceramic washbasins, has been clad with classic outdoor louvres painted green and transformed like all the elements with products from the home furnishing brand. “We have opted for sustainable products from Leroy Merlin, such as fabrics made from recycled materials, or wood from sustainably managed forests,” they say.

A trip to the La Mancha countryside, by Ricardo de la Torre

Casa Decor 2023. Espacio Castilla la Mancha. Ricardo de la Torre. Fotografía: Nacho Uribesalazar

The interior designer Ricardo de la Torre has created for Legado Artesano de Castilla-La Mancha a conceptual space that succeeds in “transferring the colours and various elements of the La Mancha countryside to a contemporary house with the collaboration of the region’s artisans”, he indicates.

The ochre tones of the countryside acquire volume and shapes through the furniture, in an atmosphere in which the natural materials stand out, the pieces made by artisans and masters of ancestral trades and where the touches of the green of the sowing fields come from the hand of a large glass lamp, by Vidrieras Conrado, which recreates the movement of the barley. The sofa by Tapicerías Llarcuris, upholstered by Eustaquio Rosa, coexists with tables by Carpintería Pemar, plates by Temple Ceramic, seats by Enea Asientos de Artesanía, chairs by Muebles Peñalver, leather upholstery by Joaquín García Huertos, chair structure by Forja Artística Jesús, pottery by Juan Carlos Fernández, wall lamp by Juan Miguel Alía, artwork by Ángeles de las Heras and embroidered curtains by Bordados Esther Cordero.

The bathroom of the future, according to Guille García-Hoz for Jacob Delafon

Casa Decor 2023. Espacio Jacob Delafon. Guille García-Hoz. Fotografía: Lupe Clemente

Paris 2048 is the name that Guille García-Hoz and Sergio Martínez have chosen for this bathroom created for the firm Jacob Delafon.

The clay and handcrafted finishes take us to a future in which sinuous shapes predominate, plants are present in the room and natural materials such as marble, a natural stone from Levantina, cover the floor. The architects of this Paris-inspired journey through time indicate that “everything changes but there are things that always remain and it is this contrast between the futuristic and the classic that gives life, reality and truth to any space. That is why Jacob Delafon opts for modernity while remaining faithful to the timeless”. The clay mortar used is from Ecoclay, the mechanisms from Hager, the lighting comes from Leroy Merlin and the soaps and candles bear the signature of Loewe.

The organic flows in this bathroom by Erico Navazo for Strohm Teka

Casa Decor 2023. Espacio Strohm Teka. Erico Navazo. Fotografía: Asier Rúa

The interior designer Erico Navazo has devised a bathroom where the entire Lavi bathroom equipment collection by Strohm Teka is on display and which follows the storyline of a space inspired in nature and organic shapes. An example of this are the sculptural pieces, installed from ceiling to floor, that separate the toilet and shower areas, made by Escayola Saz. These have been designed by Erico Navazo, as have the furniture, the ceramic coverings, which are from the collection he recently developed for Ape Grupo, and the textiles he recently launched for KA International. Everything is decorated in luminous and warm tones that allude to the earth and are complemented with selected handcrafted pieces signed by two outstanding artisans, Fran Aniorte and Justino del Casar, who work in ceramics and paper sculpture respectively. The brand owner and interior designer argue that it is about “a space that provides visual and physical wellbeing, a pillar on which the firm bases its values: to inspire, facilitate and care. Textures, colours and design united to demonstrate that the organic flows”.

A futuristic home in 18 square metres by Andreína Raventós

Casa Decor 2023. Espacio Andreína Raventós. Fotografía: Asier Rúa

The architect Andreína Raventós answers the question of what the home of the future will be like through the AR18 space, “a spaceship home” that contains in 18 square metres everything necessary to set up a home, which in the manner of a spaceship is equipped with two central day (below) and night (in height) cores.

“I have used sustainable materials such as the recycled glass mosaic floor, the sintered natural stone worktop and recycled textiles,” he says. Raventós has had the collaboration of Niessen for the home automation, the mechanisms and the touch screen, the fridge is by Beko, the washbasin by Bathco, the taps by Griferías Galindo while Hisbalit’s vitreous mosaic covers the floor. A starry black ceiling completes the futuristic setting.

Living room in gradient for an immersive experience, by Miriam Alía for Bang & Olufsen

Casa Decor 2023. Espacio Strohm Teka. Erico Navazo. Fotografía: Asier Rúa

Ceramic cladding by Nais, moiré effect wall panels by Èlitis, the mirror and the pavés that transform the light from the windows, made from recycled plastics in 3D printing, by Nagami, make up the elements with which the interior designer Miriam Alía has played with to devise the ‘Meraki‘ living room for the firm Bang & Olufsen. The result is a sophisticated and glamorous atmosphere where colour takes centre stage and the light transforms throughout the day, thanks to Lutron’s lighting control. For the decorator, it is a concept “inspired by the transformation of colours and light in space-time, two inseparably related concepts. Experimentation with the graduation of colour and light, like sound, are sensorial elements with which we create an enveloping atmosphere”, she indicates. Seats with sinuous curves upholstered in bouclé and pieces such as the Pipistrello lamp by Martinelli Luce complete the contemporary feel of this environment designed to envelop you in light, colour and sound.

A tribute to Le Corbusier in this multi-purpose room by Plutarco for Jung

Casa Decor 2023. Espacio Jung Plutarco. Fotografía: Asier Rúa

The range of ‘Les Couleurs’ mechanisms by the firm Jung is the source of inspiration from which Ana Arana and Enrique Ventosa, of Plutarco, have developed a ‘Polychrome Room’, in the purest Le Corbusier style that undoubtedly also bears the differentiating stamp of these architects. “The proposal is born from a look at the past, seeking in the work of the renowned architect interior proposals, encounters between materials and constructional solutions that, to this day, are still current”, they comment in their argumentation. Textured glass and birch wood, used by Le Corbusier, add a touch of warmth to the coloured panels that cover the walls. This project is devised in a modular fashion so that the four elevations that compose the space can be easily dismantled and moved and reassembled in another Jung showroom in Europe, thus fulfilling the sustainable commitment that Casa Decor has also encouraged since the edition held in 2020.

A Hollywood-style bathroom to receive, by Jean Porsche for Neolith

Casa Decor 2023. Espacio Neolith. Jean Porsche. Fotografía: Nacho Uribesalazar

“A temple of relaxation that exudes sophistication and responds to the needs of emotional interior design. An invitation to uniqueness and the awakening of the five senses”. This is how Jean Porsche defines the bathroom he has created for the firm Neolith. With Hollywood aesthetics in mind, the interior designer transfers the most sophisticated idea of wellness and applies it to a space where Neolith sintered stone, in white tones with marked veins, are a declaration of intentions to give the environment a top quality. In addition, the ceiling, a detail that always sets Porsche apart, is wallpapered with a floral pattern by Arte International. It has also used Jung mechanisms, Geberit toilets and push buttons, Orac Decor mouldings, Technogym workout equipment, Axor taps and Vista Alegre porcelain accessories.

The gotelé returns to this living room designed by Sinmas Studio for Hager

Casa Decor 2023. Espacio Hager. Sinmas Studio. Fotografía: Nacho Uribesalazar

Silencio‘ is the name that the Valencian studio Sinmas Studio, formed by Sigfrido Serra and Mateo Climent, has given to this living room that proposes to slow down the pace of life and embrace rest and combine these aspirations with Hager’s electrical solutions. For the interior designers, the white stippled paint that covers the walls and ceiling is in harmony with the textiles by Jannelli & Volpi, the sofa and coffee table by Natuzzi Italia, the ceramic cladding by Saloni, the decorative panels by Panespol, the lighting and sculptures by Lladró and the side tables and vases by The Masie. As a finishing touch, “a golden finish that evokes sophistication and elegance”, they add.

A feminine and singular living room by Raúl Martins for Niessen

Casa Decor 2023. Espacio Niessen. Raúl Martins. Fotografía: Nacho Uribesalazar

Raúl Martins imagined that the living room of a hypothetical tenant called Martina should combine a taste for classic style and high technology and has created a domotic environment that controls lighting and music, among other features. The chromatic palette used by the interior designer is inspired by earth tones, with tile, brown, white and beige. In addition to the natural pigment paints on the walls by MC Pinturas, there are decorations by Escayola Saz, hand-aged French limestone flooring by Espacios Nazaríes, seats by Ormo’s and the tile-like panelling on the main wall by Panespol. In the same tones, the textiles are by KA International.

General ticket price: 25 €.

Address: Calle Serrano 92
Dates: from April 13th to May 28th
Opening hours: every day, from 11 am to 9 pm (Sundays included)

Editor: Beatriz Fabián

Beatriz is a journalist specialising in offline and online editorial content on design, architecture, interior design, art, gastronomy and lifestyle.