The Sibarist

Javier Guijarro Fayard’s opening of Sincronicities

It took place on 22 November at El Invernadero. The exhibition was open to the public until 29 November.

On 22 November we opened the exhibition “Sincronicities”, Javier Guijarro Fayard’s first solo exhibition.

An emotional pulse of the human psyche through architecture and the digital. Based on planimetries developed with digital techniques, his work transports us to poetic imaginary micro-worlds of extraordinary visual beauty that invite us to explore the concerns of human nature with its ambiguities and contradictions. It is full of hieroglyphs, symbolisms and enigmas.

A metaphor through an imaginary world of the human mind and heart. Everything is a fortuitous game that escapes our control and which we can only enter through acceptance. Existential unease where we can also glimpse hope and the possible escape routes we are capable of devising, perhaps in the form of imaginary paradises. A constant emotional drive that is glimpsed through an elegant, symbolic, balanced and complex visual poetics.