The Sibarist

Adversity will make us better: 3 things we learned thanks to COVID19


Since the crisis began, COVID19 has not stopped working and exploring new ways to provide you with a better service.

This virus is changing many things, especially the way we relate to each other and to the environment.

That is why we believe that it is essential to adapt to the new times, being flexible and using all the technology available to us.

We have adopted 3 measures that we consider essential for our activity:
We are creating security and prevention protocols following the health recommendations so that when the confinement is over, both buyers and owners feel safe to make real estate visits.
Although we were already very digital and used to teleworking because of our event management, we have digitalised all our processes and documents.
We are creating a kind of personalised and guided virtual tour in real time that we will be able to offer you on request.


We will be implementing measures that can respond to new needs. Being small helps us to be fast.

Even if distance separates us, we are closer to you than ever.

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