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“Origen”, ELIURPI, from February 28 to March 10, 2024

ART U READY presents "Origen", an exhibition in which ELIURPI shows his most conceptual art. Textile and light installations with a story that arises from the origin, the natural and traditions. An ode to traditional materials brought to an aesthetic and pure design.

ART U READY returns to ARCO week for the eighth year. The artistic duo ELIURPI, formed by Elisabet Urpí and Nacho Umpiérrez return to Madrid with a new exhibition in which their proposal becomes more conceptual. An ode to traditional materials taken to an aesthetic and pure design. From simplicity to sophistication without further ornamentation. An idea that recalls and makes us reflect on the beauty that lies in simplicity, when it is honest. Where there is honesty, there is truth.

Pieces and objects with shapes, shades and natural colors that will revolve around the same idea, to elevate nature and traditions by themselves, with delicacy, respect and frankness.

This will be the artists’ third solo exhibition with ART U READY in Madrid, which will also feature a very special collaboration with Studio Bañón. An artisan furniture studio and workshop located in Madrid with a tradition of several generations that are characterized by creating timeless “haute couture” pieces. Maximum quality and execution with a timeless design. Craftsmanship by flag that shares values with ELIURPI and for this reason the artists will create a unique piece with Bañón, which will be presented in the exhibition.

This exhibition seeks to transform the origin into concept, to change the look. A contemporary expression of nature that transcends the ordinary to the extraordinary. A narrative of beauty in harmony between art and design with a common vision, to reclaim the essence.

ELIURPI’s textile and light installations with a story that arises from the origin, the natural and traditions, which will dialogue in space with the best craftsmanship of Bañón.

ELIURPI’s art stands out for its search, through craftsmanship and design, for another way of creating with honesty and providing “spaces” of beauty.

Regarding the location where the exhibition will be held, it will be private and secret and can be visited under registration and by appointment, with limited capacity. It will be in a central and exclusive space of The Sibarist portfolio, which will only be revealed to those who register.

In this way it will be possible to get to know both the work and the artists, who will accompany us throughout the week, in an intimate and very personal way.

Dates: from February 28 to March 10. From 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Location: private (only people who register will be informed). Justicia District.

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Elisabet Urpí and Nacho Umpiérrez are an artistic duo who work and share a way of life, both professionally and personally. Under the name ELIURPI they started in 2010 creating unique pieces in the form of objects and hats. They are multidisciplinary artists, with a very defined aesthetic and coherent with their values. In 2020 their sculptural works began to be acquired by international fashion and art collectors. This opened a new paradigm and look into the future.

Since their artistic debut “From art to object and from object to art” with ART U READY, within the framework of ARCO, Madrid 2022, ELIURPI’s artistic career has only expanded. In 2023 they began with the exhibition “Circular Portraits”. Madrid. ARCO Week. ART U READY. They represented Spain at the Biennale of Contemporary Arts and Crafts in South Korea obtaining honorable mention, participated in the Biennale of Contemporary Catalan Crafts. Visions of Catalonia, exhibiting in Barcelona, Dubai and Milan. They were selected by the curator Carlos Quintans, for the project “12 Miradas”. Vilaseco Gallery in A Coruña. Awarded by AD as the Best of ESPAÑA 2023. In 2023 they were also invited to be part of the prestigious guide Homo Faber of the Michelangelo Foundation. In 2024 they will hold their first international solo exhibition at the Milan Design Week, within the framework of 5 VIE Milan and will participate in a group exhibition at the Barcelona Design Museum.

Artisans, creative and honest, they are part of the new generation of artists of the 21st century where there are no borders.


From his passion and connection with art, ART U READY was born in 2016. Framed in the CSR section, it is a platform to give visibility to artists with a transversal and peripheral look, aligned with values that improve society. Encouraging transversality and blurring boundaries in art is one of its great mottos. They define themselves as a constantly evolving cell of ideas that fuse architecture, art, design, technology, education and awareness.

This proposal is driven by The Sibarist I Intentional Living, as organizer and main sponsor.

Commitment to art as an engine of transformation.

For the sound of the exhibition we have exceptional partners such as Bang & Olufsen, a Danish company with 95 years of tradition of emblematic and iconic audiovisual equipment. Leaders both for its technological quality and commitment to innovation, which achieves the best sound on the market thanks to its continuous research, and for its timeless design with fine materials and craftsmanship. We will enjoy their elegant musical heritage pieces to accompany our exhibition with the best sound.


A boutique real estate agency specializing in unique properties that highlights contemporary architecture and specializes in signature homes. It promotes a lifestyle in which architecture, design and art converge to create a unique experience. Their lines of business are buying and selling unique properties, monetize some of their special real estate portfolio with events and shootings, and are creators of a collection of signature homes for travelers. They define themselves as a brand curator of spaces.