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The Dream of Toledo: a thrilling journey through history and legends

On 30 August 2019, the doors opened to the first great show of Puy du Fou Spain and recognised as the Best Show in Europe: The Dream of Toledo. A journey through more than 1,500 years of history represented on a 5-hectare stage.

This month we would like to propose a perfect family getaway that combines the best cultural plan of the moment with the privilege that nature offers us, staying in an extraordinary private estate.

In a place in La Mancha… Jews, Christians and Muslims live side by side, knights, emperors and kings parade through its streets. A place where history was written to be told through shows that show us the events of yesteryear as if they were happening today.

A historical discovery, a journey through nature, through the different shows that allow us to learn about our ancestors. One step away, 100 years of history… One for all and all together, families and friends living near or far are welcome to connect with our roots, to enjoy the art and to learn from history. The towns and cities are the best settings, the kings, knights, writers, the best characters. Puy du Fou is a quiet park that walks fast to create, innovate and improve; a park that educates and creates school, passionate about the animals of the earth and people.

Visitors can enjoy four daytime shows inspired by great events and characters that have played a key role in history. Breathtaking special effects, amazing acrobatics, daring staging and incredible decorations make the whole family dream and travel back in time. Each of these moving shows lasts around 30 minutes, and are performed several times a day, with between 1,800 and 2,200 spectators per performance.

In the evening, the grandiose performance “Toledo’s Dream” is the main protagonist. A journey back in time through 1,500 years of history. At dusk and on the banks of the Tagus River, the young washerwoman María del Sagrario meets an old Azacán of Toledo, who guides her on a journey through time in which she relives the great moments of the History and Legends of Spain, with protagonists such as the Taifa King Al-Mamún, or the Emperor Charles V. A vibrant show to experience the great events that shaped the History of the Iberian Peninsula, such as the coexistence of the Three Cultures, the Discovery of America or the War of Independence. Acclaimed by the critics (it has been awarded Best Show in Europe) and by the public in its first two seasons, El Sueño de Toledo keeps the spectators in suspense for more than 70 minutes, thanks to an impressive display of state-of-the-art special effects and the most cutting-edge technologies in the sector, all at the service of a popular History that is close and exciting.

If you choose to visit Puy du Fou, you can take a journey through the centuries by visiting the period villages: set in different periods, they offer craft workshops and fully themed restaurants that will make you feel part of history. The architecture of each building is designed to immerse the visitor in the historical atmosphere of the different periods.

To complete this journey through the centuries, Puy du Fou offers a wide range of gastronomic options where you can sample products from different periods of Spanish history. There are four villages which, inspired by different historical periods, house more than 20 inns and manor houses. Each of them offers a carefully selected and elaborate menu with typical products from each period: from the most exquisite medieval delicacies, to the characteristic sweets of Andalusian Spain, to the culinary delights of the Golden Age. At Puy du Fou you can enjoy carcamusas (a typical dish from Toledo), migas and pickled partridge salads (typical of the Castile-La Mancha region), accompanied by local wines, cheeses and oils.

After an intense day or evening at Puy du Fou, at The Sibarist we suggest you relax in a spectacular estate located in the shelter of the Montes de Toledo and just ten kilometres from the popular park.  Surrounded by an idyllic landscape, and just an hour from Madrid, it was conceived for family enjoyment and its welcoming spirit is still alive, making it the ideal getaway to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a retreat in the heart of nature with family or friends.

Its imposing stone façade is adorned with wooden balconies that give it warmth and a special charm. The interior has an elegant design, with spacious rooms that alternate the cosiness of the living room with a superb lounge to receive guests, large tables where you can linger after dinner and warm fireplaces at the foot of sofas where you can take shelter.

Puy du Fou and a spectacular estate in the shelter of the Montes de Toledo, two strong arguments for a historic and natural getaway.