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This is how it was “Antídoto” of Jesús de Miguel

It took place on 20 February at El Invernadero. The exhibition was open to the public until 25 February.

On 20 February we inaugurated the exhibition “Antidote”, by the artist Jesús de Miguel. His work transports us to the ability to connect with our inner child, to laugh at ourselves, to the need for vital expression from a cheerful yet ironic point of view. Simplicity and simplicity reach an intrinsic beauty capable of awakening a collective smile.

Born in Palencia and Ibizan by adoption, Jesús de Miguel is a genuine artist, who lives halfway between the world of adults and children, always in search of the essential and of the essential.

With this exhibition ART U READY focuses on the search for the essential within us as opposed to the urgency of the superfluous. On the importance of the connection with the most intimate self, with what we do not see, with what sustains us to find a better version of ourselves. The essential of each one of us as a value. This exhibition takes us to that search through something as serious as humour, colour and visual poetry.

The artist is guided by his intuition, the material, the format and the moment. He has the ability to detach himself from what is happening around him through his work, empathising at the same time with what is happening.

His work is a process of abstraction that speaks for itself, acquiring a life of its own, whose genius lies in the ability to communicate with the naivety of a child, through his rich universe of multiple codes and languages coming from the culture of his time and his wide inner world, with a vivid sense of humour able to connect immediately with the spectator.

His exhibition is a reflection and an observation of his world here and now. In it, we will see his universe of colour through paintings, sculptures and marine buoys recycled by former fishermen from Ibiza that ended up in the island’s cultivated fields. From there they are rescued by the artist, who is inspired to give them a third life.

Humour is his vehicle, colour his strength, matter his essence and innocence his magic.

About Jesús de Miguel

Known above all for his pictorial work, Jesús de Miguel (Palencia, 1975) is a Spanish painter close to the neo-expressionist movement.

His work has been exhibited mainly in Ibiza, a city that has welcomed him with open arms. He has won numerous awards, including first prize at the IbizArt Guidel (Ibiza, 2020).

Allen Jones, the celebrated British artist and member of the Royal Academy of Arts, after attending his 2015 exhibition at Think Creative Hub said: “He is an artist who uses different pictorial registers in an exceptional way. It is very difficult to have such a large solo exhibition that is so homogeneous and complete. Bravo!

The inauguration was a complete success, which welcomed the most relevant public of the Madrid art scene, where media, collectors, designers, architects, artists, clients and friends were able to enjoy an incredible evening with the artist as host, the impeccable catering of Casa de Alba Fine Foods, the hand of Mateo&Co, the wines of Bodegas Verum, the music with the best sound thanks to Bang & Olufsen.

Once the exhibition is over, the sale of works will continue online. Download catalogue.

Exhibition photos: Rebeca Patillas

Inauguration photos: Nieves Díaz