The Sibarist

This is how it was ‘Retratos circulares’ of ELIURPI

Artisan, creative and honest. They are part of the new generation of 21st century artists, where the lines between art and design are blurring.

Since their debut a year ago, there are no borders or limits to their work.

The art platform ART U READY returns to curate this second exhibition of the artistic duo, under the name “Circular Portraits” which delves into the more intimate side of ELIURPI and his journey to date. In this exhibition we saw new incursions into design, such as the creation of pieces of furniture, and we got to know first-hand his photographic work; a hitherto unknown facet, which is included in his first artist’s book, “ELIURPI”.

In this book we show a selection of his most iconic works, behind the lens of Nacho Umpiérrez. Where everything is a work of art; from the staging, the sculptural pieces, as well as the artistic look of the duo.

In addition to these novelties, the exhibition immerses us in their universe of forms, materials and textures in which we will find sculpture and painting.

Presentarán su primer libro fotográfico, “ELIURPI”, en el que mostrarán una selección de sus trabajos más icónicos, tras el objetivo de Nacho Umpiérrez. Donde todo es una obra de arte; desde la puesta en escena, las piezas escultóricas, así como la mirada artística del dúo.

Además de estas novedades, la exposición nos sumerge en su universo de formas, materiales y texturas en las que encontraremos escultura y pintura.