The Sibarist

This was “El espectador activista” by Jaime Abaurre

It took place last March 4 at El Invernadero. The exhibition was open to the public until March 9.

On March 4, we inaugurated the exhibition “El espectador activista”, Jaime Abaurre’s first individual exhibition.

The axis of his work starts from drawing and from there he attacks other disciplines such as ceramics, sculpture and furniture design, in which he manages to leave the characteristic mark of his stroke. His work is fearless, brash and lively joyful.

Curious and human archaeologist, he is mainly inspired by people. We find portraits, faces are always present. Looks with many layers that observe and observe us, everything is dual in his work, his double meanings invite us to look within in search of answers. As in personal relationships that fluctuate, in his work his faces dialogue, swaying, flowing with natural movement.

In “The Activist Spectator” we will be able to glimpse his entire universe, from drawings to other volumes and objects in the form of faces that observe us and act as a mirror for us. This exhibition pays homage to his greatest artistic references and mocks one’s own ego with its characteristic irony, demanding listening and observing others in the face of the constant self-exhibition that prevails in our current society.

Days before the inauguration, we interviewed the artist, Jaime Abaurre, in El Invernadero.

What is your creative process like as an artist?

What are your references for this exhibition?

Tell us, why faces?

What material are the sculptures we see in the exhibition made of?

Why are your works in black and white?

¿And “Más cara que espalda”?

Jaime Abaurre (1987) is a Sevillian artist, designer, painter and sculptor of international fame. He has resided in cities such as Sydney, Rio de Janeiro and London, which has contributed to enriching his imagination. Graduated in Advertising from the University of Wales, drawing has always been part of him and from there he develops his artistic work that finds, in ceramics, wood, or steel, other forms of expression and volumes. Minimalist, light, conceptual, the elegance of his pieces lies in the simplicity of their lines. Jaime is a transversal artist in whose work all his references and concerns come together, from family ones, with his poet great-grandfather as the first allusion, his architect and designer grandfather and his photographer father, to the people he meets daily, because Jaime What he likes and inspires mainly is people and all their faces.

Jaime “shows up” in the art world since the pandemic, and after years of commissioning for people around him, he decides that the time has come when he wants to dedicate himself fully to this profession and under the name “Más cara que espalda” boldly bursts into the artistic scene. Behind this decision there is modesty, respect for the environment and a lot of humor with a good dose of irony. He says that his poet great-grandfather also used a pseudonym (Bachiller So-and-So). Perhaps inspired by him, Jaime shows his artistic imagination as “More face than back”, which is also the name of a physical space, his studio-gallery in Seville located in an emblematic building in the center of the city, by the architect Aníbal González, where in addition to doing his work, he exhibits his works and invites other artists to collaborate and exhibit without filters. Four years shaking up the Sevillian world that have helped him reclaim art as a way of life, and carve out a niche in his own right. Jaime will hold his first individual exhibition in Madrid and in 2024 he will cross borders to Mexico, where he has been invited to participate in various projects and fairs.

The inauguration was a complete success. It welcomed the most relevant audience in the Madrid art scene, where the media, collectors, designers, architects, artists, clients and friends were able to enjoy an incredible evening with the artist as host, the D.O Rueda wines from the hand of Mateo&Co, the beer The Chulapa handcrafted by The Madrid EDITION hotel, the best ham thanks to Enrique Tomás and the music of Daniel Bother with the best sound thanks to Bang & Olufsen.

The sale of work will continue online. Download catalogue

Bang & Olufsen, Danish firm with 95 years of tradition of emblematic and iconic audiovisual equipment. Leaders both for their technological quality and for their timeless design with noble materials and craftsmanship. We will enjoy their elegant musical heritage pieces to accompany our exhibition with the best sound.

Enrique Tomás, With more than forty years of tradition, it selects the best artisanal hams. Carefully attended to from the beginning, they partner with ham artisans and producers who share their passion.

Mateo & Co, Strategic marketing and communication consulting specialized in gastronomy and food.

D.O. Rueda,designation of origin that was created in 1980, being the first recognized in Castilla y León. The production area is made up of 74 municipalities in the provinces of Valladolid, Segovia and Ávila. Side. Rueda is specialized in the production of white wines, with wide national and international recognition.

The Madrid EDITION is the only and first luxury urban lifestyle resort in the center of Madrid, strategically located in the vibrant heart of Madrid. The arrival of the EDITION brand in Madrid has become a boost for the Spanish capital, thanks to its refined offering that condenses the fascinating individuality and essence of the city. Exclusive to The Madrid EDITION, La Chulapa is a craft beer that is available in all the hotel’s restaurants and bars, as well as in the mini bar in the rooms. Chulapa is a beer made by the artisan cooperative Bailandeira, based in the Sierra de Madrid and made up exclusively of women. In its creation, ingredients such as water, yeast, barley malt, wheat, oats, hops and rock rose flower are used, which give it a unique flavor and its own identity.

Exhibition photos: Rebeca Patillas

Inauguration photos: Nieves Díaz