The Sibarist

This was ELIURPI’s “Origen”

It took place from February 28 to March 10 in a signature house in our real estate portfolio. Under the title 'Origen', the exhibition.

The ART U READY art platform returns to curate for the third consecutive year the artistic duo presenting “Origen”, an exhibition in which ELIURPI shows his most conceptual art. An ode to traditional materials brought to an aesthetic and pure design.

In this exhibition we have seen pieces and objects with natural shapes, shades and colors that revolved around the same idea, to elevate nature and traditions by themselves, with delicacy, respect and frankness.

In addition, they presented a very special collaboration with Studio Bañón. An artisan furniture workshop studio located in Madrid with a tradition of several generations that are characterized by creating timeless “haute couture” pieces. Maximum quality and execution with a timeless design.

Craftsmanship by flag that shares values with ELIURPI and for this reason, they created a unique piece with Bañón. ELIURPI’s textile and lighting installations with a story that arises from the origin, the natural and traditions, which dialogued in the space with the best craftsmanship of Bañón.

Studio Bañon, ELIURPI, Sylvia Girón y Silvia Hengstenberg
Pieza creada por Studio Bañon junto a ELIURPI. Foto: Nacho Um

This exhibition has sought to transform the origin into a concept, to change the look. A contemporary expression of nature that transcends the ordinary to the extraordinary. A narrative of beauty in harmony between art and design with a common vision, to reclaim the essence.

ELIURPI’s art stands out for this search through craftsmanship and design, another way to create with honesty and to provide “spaces” of beauty.

The exhibition has brought together unique pieces by Eli Urpi and Nacho Umpíerrez that have composed an inspiring story wrapped in a round aesthetic.

With this exhibition, ART U READY brings the visitor closer to the experience of how to live with art. Introducing art in a space to be lived. For this, the ideal container was sought where artwork and space create a dialogue aligning architecture, art and design. The chosen setting was a signature house from The Sibarist portfolio for sale.

We were able to experience the connection and links with each of the pieces. Works with life, volume and movement with a story to tell. An ode to traditional materials brought to an aesthetic and pure design. From simplicity to sophistication without further ornamentation. An idea that recalls and makes us reflect on the beauty that lies in simplicity, when it is honest. Where there is honesty, there is truth.

His work is a story of honest beauty.

La exposición fue todo un éxito. Nuestros agradecimientos a todos los asistentes así como a la colaboración con partners de excepción: la música con el mejor sonido gracias a Bang & Olufsen.

Fotografías: Rebeca Patillas y ELIURPI

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