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When luxury is being singular. The niche of the influential. Join us.

Madrid is the capital of avant-garde real estate. From luxury to singularity. Join The Sibarist and be part of our way of being in the world.

Madrid is experiencing a boom in the prime real estate market, a sector that has not only established itself as a solid investment option but also as a lifestyle for a prominent clientele. This growth is fueled by the arrival of international investors, especially from Latin America, but also North America and, increasingly, Europeans seeking stability and exclusivity in one of Europe’s most promising destinations.

According to a study conducted by Colliers, premium housing (investment between 2 and 3.5 million euros) is sold at an impact between 8,960 and 16,993 €/m2, High-end (between 3.5 and 5 million euros) with a square meter impact between 12,375 and 24,836 €/m2 and in the Ultra High-End segment (over 5 million), between 14,468 and 24,836 €/m2.

The Ultra High-End segment, which until three years ago was a residual market, is the one that is experiencing the most growth, reaching figures never seen before in the capital. Madrid has become the object of desire for large international fortunes, positioning itself as one of the most interesting capitals to invest in the western world, due to cultural, economic and security factors. Given the strong consolidated demand in this segment and the scarce supply, predictions suggest that we will continue to record historic repercussions, making prime investments more than ever a safe value whose path continues to grow.

The profile of the buyer in this market is not only someone with high purchasing power, looking for something more than a simple transaction. These clients value discretion, excellence in service and an experience that goes beyond the purchase. The expectation is to find properties that are not only unique but also tell a story, that become a home and a work of art. A way of life.

At The Sibarist we understand the luxury market in a different way. We are a boutique real estate company that selects the most unique properties on the market. Because not all luxury is unique, and not all buying experiences are unique. Each client is unique and each property we choose to show you has been carefully selected. We are lovers of good taste, architecture, design and art. We understand luxury as a set of experiences that enrich us beyond possession. In our project people are the center of our world, dreamers in search of the imagined place, whether to live, to invest, to travel or to present themselves to the world in a different way. An ode to beauty.

The real estate consultant who is part of our team must possess a unique blend of skills and qualities. Experience and market knowledge are essential, as is understanding our DNA, and recognizing the difference within the luxury market. You must also have the ability to build long-term relationships based on trust and a deep understanding of the client’s needs. Our clients are culturally restless people who want unique and authentic experiences and their homes must provide them with just that. An experience of good living and good taste.

This professional must be an advisor, a confidant and a connector who not only understands the value of a property but also the value of exceptional service.

For us, a property is just the beginning of the experience. The Sibarist is synonymous with quality, design and exclusivity and is positioned in the market as a brand that not only sells properties but also creates unforgettable experiences for its clients.

In our universe, quality, innovation and uniqueness are the norm and every day is an opportunity to exceed expectations.

If you are looking for the opportunity to develop in an environment that values unique properties, loves architecture, design and art, and understands uniqueness and excellence as we do, where every client is unique, you have found your place.

Here, each consultant is an integral part of a team that is defining the future of luxury real estate. We believe in a luxury that flees from ostentation, that chooses authenticity, that vindicates good taste, beauty, life experiences, with higher values and awareness to improve its environment. That luxury that gives voice to another way of understanding the world, composed of true influencers.

In Madrid alone in 2023, our real estate boutique has carried out transactions worth 40 million euros, with an average sale price of 2.5 million euros per property, increasing the number of Ultra High-End transactions, above 5 million euros, with respect to 2022. All of this indicates a greater interest on the part of international markets in choosing Madrid as the capital to establish their habitual residence, choosing properties at the level of cities such as Miami, Paris or London.

We want to be part of something bigger than an operation; we manage dreams and our mission is to find the space imagined for each client and accompany them in every stage of their lives.

Join The Sibarist and be part of our way of being in the world.