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A viewpoint to the spectacle of the Asturian coastline

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The Asturian coast, so clean, so beautiful, so green and so true to its nature is the perfect place to escape to. This house has the view of a lighthouse, a hypnotic stamp on its spectacular and abrupt coastline. Not only does its exterior captivate us, but its interior is on a par with the best interior design magazines. Nestled in the upper part of Tazones, this charming fishing village located next to the Villaviciosa estuary and open to the Bay of Biscay, looks like something out of an idyllic postcard. The perfect place to rest, see without being seen and enjoy all the privileges that this marvellous land has to offer.

Thanks to its unobstructed panoramic view of the Bay of Biscay, all the rooms are flooded with light and dreamlike images. Its 270 square metres are masterfully distributed creating a very warm atmosphere, to which we must add 100 metres of terrace and 120 metres of garden. The living room is oriented towards the cliff and thanks to its large windows we can enjoy the breathtaking views without moving from the sofa. A very special panoramic view, as you can glimpse the mountains in the distance, as well as the Luces lighthouse and the different shades of green that cross these Asturian lands. A natural spectacle that reaches its peak during sunsets and full moon nights.

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With regard to the layout of this detached villa, whose colours and style are inspired by traditional Asturian fishermen’s houses, the social areas are located on the main floor, where the living room, kitchen, terraces and porches communicate and follow one after the other for the enjoyment of the guests. One of the great pleasures in this house is to enjoy the sunsets from its porch sheltered by its outdoor fireplace, which has a sitting area and a chill out area. Here time is worth more.

On the first floor there are two spacious double bedrooms and a smaller one. All three are doubles. It has two bathrooms, one of them with a glass wall from ceiling to floor where taking a shower while contemplating the sea is an experience in itself.

The location is magical, very close to the lighthouse, which is easy to reach by car. Inside the house itself we can comfortably park four or five vehicles.  Walking around the area is one of its great attractions. We can go down to Tazones along a 400-metre long mountain path, or along a 1.9-kilometre long path that connects with the streets. This small village is one of the most beautiful in Spain, it was part of the itinerary of the European imperial routes of Charles V (in fact, it was the first stop of the emperor on his first trip to the Peninsula and every year the locals commemorate the event with a festival that always takes place in August), and it is nowadays one of the best places to eat fish and seafood along the Asturian coast.

The village has its own beach, to which must be added those in the surrounding area such as España beach (famous for surfing), Merón beach and the impressive Rodiles beach (also known for surfing) which can be reached by crossing the Villaviciosa estuary. It is also 25 minutes by car from Gijón, and 35 minutes from the capital of the Principality. An ideal place to experience adventure and nature, where you can go on all kinds of mountain excursions, hiking, water sports or even play golf in Villaviciosa.

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  • Reference THSTESAST0001
  • Price Ask us
  • Built area 365 sqm
  • Bedrooms 3
  • Bathrooms 3
  • Location Tazones, Asturias


  • Furnished
  • Parking space
  • Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi)

Have breakfast facing the green, rugged Asturian coastline from its glassed-in terrace or watch the sun fade into the sea at the end of the day, with nothing in the way. The view is priceless. In Tazones don’t miss the “Casa de las Conchas” (House of Shells), and if the tide is low, look for dinosaur footprints.

The refreshing water of the North Sea is refreshing during the summer, as is sleeping in the comfort of 100% cotton sheets or lying under a soft blanket while contemplating nature. Summer nights are always refreshing.

The wet sand after the caress of the sea, the vegetation still glistening with dew, the sea, the fine rain or the aromas of the meadows. Smells that linger in our memories and bring a smile to our faces.

Tazones is known for its gastronomic tradition. It is considered one of the best places to eat fish and seafood on the whole of the Asturian coast. Villaviciosa is also the capital of the cider region and has a large number of “llagares” and “sidrerias” (cider bars) that are part of the Asturian essence.

The rhythmic crashing of the sea waves against the rocks will accompany you in the distance as if it were a soothing lullaby, among other sounds of nature that will bring us wellbeing. A balm for the soul.

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