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Wabi-sabi luxury in a 15th-century Asturian palace


This property consists of a palace located in Asturias, which is used as a hotel and is also available for holding events for companies or corporate organisations, as well as for filming or photo shoots, among other activities.

Solo Palacio is a property that treasures historical and architectural significance as it is a 15th century palace that is listed in the Asturian heritage under the name of Palacio de Miranda Quirós. In addition to this, it stands in an exclusive location with incomparable views and is located within the Las Ubiñas Natural Park. This enclosed property comprises several buildings that are an example of Asturian rural palatial architecture.

It is a completely private property overlooking wonderful views of the Las Ubiñas Natural Park at an altitude of 1. It is completely surrounded by other natural parks such as Somiedo (44 minutes away), Redes (1 hour and 37 minutes away), Ponga (1 hour and 54 minutes away), Eo-Oscos (1 hour and 56 minutes away) and, finally, Picos de Europa (2 hours and 9 minutes away) where the best examples of native fauna and flora of the Iberian Peninsula of great ecological value, such as the brown bear, the deer and the capercaillie, are preserved.

The interior design, layout and distribution of the spaces that make up the palace are based on the traditional Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-sabi which, after centuries of incorporating artistic and Buddhist influences from China, concentrates its meaning in the phrase “wisdom in natural simplicity” and which is applied in this case to guarantee the wellbeing of an accommodation that has been thought through to the millimetre.

In addition to this aesthetic aspect, state-of-the-art facilities include an infinity pool, jacuzzi, sauna, meeting room, restaurant and open spaces for events. In addition, the property has made every effort to incorporate the comforts of a modern luxury hotel into a 15th century palace, which is no easy task. One example is the close collaboration with the authorities to add to the hotel complex one of the largest heated infinity pools in northern Spain, a six-person outdoor Jacuzzi, a sauna, a restaurant, a meeting room and everything needed to make the location the perfect venue for executive events, weddings, photo shoots and other celebrations.

As far as the gastronomic experience is concerned, it combines Asturian traditions with the world of mushrooms and what it offers is the result of a journey of research through the Asturian valleys “in search of an authentic traditional cuisine that would stand out with a unique touch.

From this search was born the alliance with La Senderuela, a restaurant in the town of Proaza.In their kitchens, chef Estela Mencía has been searching for the perfect fusion between the world of mushrooms and traditional Asturian cuisine for more than a decade,” they say.This accommodation operates as a non-profit entity whose entire profit generated will go to environmental projects in the area. The management says that “this is the most expensive rural hotel in Spain.

We strive to surprise our guests, but we do it with a purpose. 100% of the profits generated are entirely dedicated to environmental protection projects in the municipality of Quirós, Asturias”, they add. From the management under the name Austere, they invest in social projects such as: Carbon Capture Project, Solo Bosque de Cabras Project in collaboration with local authorities, Circular Economy Project and Solo Asturias Land Project in collaboration with local producers.

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The palace consists of 11 flats, equipped with 13 rooms and bathrooms, with a surface area ranging from 35 to 120 square metres per flat. Depending on the type of flat chosen, the rooms have a fireplace and free-standing bathtub.

In addition, there is a 65 square metre lounge, a 70 square metre restaurant plus a 70 square metre restaurant terrace and 3,000 square metres of landscaped gardens.

Solo Palacio is connected by various means: by high speed train from Madrid (2 h) 15 min from Pola de Lena (from November 2023); by plane, through Asturias Airport, 1h 5 min (with 15 national destinations, 6 international destinations United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy); by car, 4h 17 min from Madrid, 41 min from Oviedo, 1h from Avilés, and 49 min from Gijón; and, by ferry from Santander (2h 19 min), coming from Cork, Plymouth and Portsmouth.

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  • Reference THSEESAST0002
  • Price Ask us
  • Plot area 3000 sqm
  • Bedrooms 13
  • Bathrooms 13
  • Location Quirós, Asturias


  • Furnished
  • Swimming pool
  • Terrace
  • Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi)

Types of event

  • Filming
  • Meeting
  • Photoshoot
  • Presentation

The panoramic views overlooking Las Ubiñas-La Mesa Natural Park, a Unesco Biosphere Reserve since 2012.

Reclaimed wood or untreated cotton fabrics are just some of the natural materials that provide a unique tactile experience.

Stroll along high mountain paths or along the Roman road of the Camino Real del Puerto de la Mesa and let yourself be intoxicated by the aromas of the forest.

Spelt bread, picadillo, tripe and bean stew are typical dishes from the town of Quirós.

Listen to the trills and distinguish the species in this special protection area for birds.

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