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Cheska Salon at El Invernadero

The most stylish cuts of the season.

Salón Cheska showed us at El Invernadero its proposals for this season. Pure lines, natural looks and cuts that stand alone. The whole collection breathes a romantic, bucolic air, with hairstyles, cuts and styles that are very Cheska, super comfortable and that almost don’t need to be styled.

We were with María Baras, her Creative Director, and photographer Erea Azurmendi, also known as “Tiempo de Cerezas” on her Instagram account, who immortalised each of the looks proposed by María.

Photographs Erea Azurmendi

“I wanted to propose a very easy spring and summer, with beautiful cuts and colours, bright, simple hair that doesn’t require a lot of work on a daily basis, quite the opposite: that with the cut you have it all done, something that totally defines us”, explains María Baras, Creative Director of Cheska.

The collection is made up of six proposals, very different from each other, but with several links: on the one hand, the pure lines, the apparently simple but very studied cuts, in which volume, fringes and layers are the absolute protagonists. On the chromatic level the proposals are very varied, from the coolest blondes or peach blonde to caramel bronde, passing through hazelnut and chocomiel tones; but in all of them there is a common denominator: light, which enhances all faces and hair types, and movement.

And to have healthy, beautiful, radiant hair, it is essential to keep it perfectly cared for and nourished, as well as having an impeccable cut and colour. For this reason, and for this season, Cheska recommends a salon treatment that not only prepares hair for the summer, but also keeps it protected from summer damage and provides spectacular shine: the protein and amino acid treatment, which hydrates and nourishes in depth based on a combination of multiple vegetable keratins, different amino acids and proteins that are introduced into the hair using a state-of-the-art technique, instantly replenishing the hair structure.