The Sibarist

Disneyland Paris celebrates Holidays

Disneyland Paris chose the spectacular rooms of our 1780's palace to celebrate its Ugly Sweater Party.
The new model was presented to the press in Madrid for driving on asphalt, and on a private estate in Segovia managed by The Sibarist. For the test drive it in the field, a closed circuit was built within the farm itself, where the attendees were able to test the abilities and performance of the new model at first hand.
El Invernadero was dressed in flowers for the presentation of the new Aqua Allegoria collection
An ode to cotton flooded El Invernadero The Sibarist on the occasion of the presentation of the fashion brand's new collection.
The light of the summer days floods El Invernadero The Sibarist by the hand of this artisan furniture firm.
The tiles and colors of the Portuguese capital have inspired the designer to create her new collection presented this March 23rd at Wunderhouse.
Mazda, SACo and The Sibarist invite you to their home to talk with Xandra Falcó, Margarita Ruyra de Andrade and Elena Goded.
By Leticia (@r_de_la_fuente) and Miguel Ángel (@mipimientanegra)
Transforming the everyday into something special
Paris/64 presents its collection in Madrid
Wombat Kids presents its new collection
A lunch with a Galician flavour at El Invernadero The Sibarist
El Invernadero hosted the presentation of its new joint collection of sunglasses.
In collaboration with the designer José Manuel Ferrero.
The most stylish cuts of the season.
100% Spanish signature jewellery.
First 'House that takes care of you' in coliving format. Towards Wellness Real Estate
Boutique events return to The Sibarist Greenhouse
Elisa Sednaoui Dellal, Briadna Fitz-James Stuart and the Josefina brand join forces to create an artistic social collaboration.
We travel along part of the Kenyan coastline to Che Shale for refuge.
An event where the brand's iconic bee and the colour gold were the protagonists.
Find out what the gastronomic event of the year was like in Madrid
Part of the shooting of Almodóvar's film took place in one of our locations.
Filming carried out in one of our locations. Event of the month June 2019
Part of the filming of the video clip took place in one of our spaces. Event of the month of May 2019.