The Sibarist

NUBA presents Shapes by Nuba

NUBA has presented in our Palacete its new project: Shapes, the latest in luxury tourism. Shapes by NUBA completely redefines the way of understanding tailor-made trips.

In a spectacular event where the fifty guests discovered the project in the best way: through 3 unique experiences, included in Shapes by NUBA. The evening began with a private visit to the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum where attendees toured the collection guided by a Pantone to discover in depth the story behind these masterpieces, the meaning of that color in the painting and what it represents for the artist.

Afterwards, the guests were taken to our Palacete 1870 located in the exclusive neighborhood of Justicia. Built in the second half of the 19th century by the Marquis of Villamagna, where he took up residence for several years. In its spectacular Elizabethan style halls, a memorable evening was lived.

The artist Jacobo Pérez Enciso illustrated the tablecloth that dressed the imperial table where the dinner took place. Enciso recreated on linen a journey through the greatest literary travelers since Goethe, Moby Dick and Conrad. He makes us discover “a journey from the eyes of the adventurers and through their painting” declares the artist.

The culinary experience revolved around the best products of the national gastronomy “traveling” to the places of origin of each of the dishes, all of them included in the Shapes by NUBA routes. Clams, caviar or asparagus were part of a menu paired by Fernando Cuenllas, a tireless seeker of wine gems.

The closing of this inverse evening came as a surprise in the form of dance. Choreographer Mar Aguiló designed a contemporary flamenco piece. While “La venidera” played and the dancers danced, each guest cut with tailor’s scissors from the tablecloth their own original piece, the result of their own perspective, their own framing and their unique gaze.

A performance inspired by the one Marina Abramovic carried out in 1974, where 72 utensils were placed on a table, freely used by the artist, which was possibly her most explosive and disturbing work: “I am the object”. With this leitmotiv NUBA offers the work of illustrator Jacobo Pérez Enciso to dance, movement and, ultimately, to the human being.

Thanks to Carmen Huerta, Alejandra Ansón and Paloma Ruiz-Blanco, for guaranteeing unique and exclusive experiences.

Thanks to Bang & Olufsen, for creating musical compositions for the exclusive tour in the private visit to the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum. We were able to enjoy a sound piece for each color tour in order to create a more sensory experience in front of each painting.

Thanks to Astara Retail for transporting all the guests in their luxury cars (Maserati, Bentley, Lexus and ByD) to the Palacete.

Thanks to Jacobo Pérez Enciso, the artist in charge of illustrating the tablecloth that dressed the imperial table.

Thanks to Coolinaria catering, for the culinary experience and teleporting us to different countries with the spectacular menu.

Thanks to Mar Aguiló for designing such an exciting contemporary flamenco piece.

Thank you NUBA for trusting in us and in one of our spaces.