The Sibarist

A year decorated by wonderful events

Art, fashion, beauty, motoring, etc. The versatility of our spaces allows us to adapt to the new adventure that each event entails. We receive each project with the illusion of offering you the environment that best suits the story you want to tell, from here, we share with you some of them.

Throughout the year, the main protagonists have been El Invernadero, the heart of The Sibarist, Passivhaus, our most sustainable house, the exclusive English-style estate in the Segovian countryside and our 1780s mansion, with unique rooms typical of the period, which gives each event a special character.

El Invernadero, one of the most sought-after locations, kicked off its calendar of events with ELIURPI, a renowned milliner, also specialising in women’s fashion design, who delighted us with a wonderful exhibition in which hats became works of art. The exhibition was commissioned by ART U READY as part of ARCO. Copper, reddish and black tones predominate in a palette outlined in pure, geometric lines. Earth colours and authentic materials, such as wicker, straw, cotton thread or rayon, which share their origin in the fashion signature of the artist couple like a circle that closes again.

Subsequently, the versatile space was transformed into The House of the Future, a markedly artisan route in the MDF frame. The project designed by Lorna de Santos was sponsored by Mazda, SACo and The Sibarist. For the designer, there is nothing as healing as the truth that underlies craftsmanship.  Therefore, The House of the Future was meant to be an ode to the handmade. She and her team have travelled all over Spain visiting each workshop, learning from the methods of each artisan. This was the common thread of the exhibition, which combined sustainability and craftsmanship, and in which unique pieces were exhibited as a natural remedy to achieve a full sense of wellbeing.

In spring, El Invernadero was dressed in flowers and colours.

The colour came from the hand of Valeria Cotoner or singularity on a slow fire.  The presentation of her new collection was a real ode to cotton: very special designs, produced in limited units twice a year.  This is because all the fabrics are hand-woven on looms in the city of Hyderabad in India. During the designer’s conversations with local craftsmen, she discovered that ancient techniques are passed down from generation to generation.

“The world is our garden” is the name of the new additions to Guerlain‘s Aqua Allegoria line that turned El Invernadero into an oasis of nature and tranquillity among the buildings in the centre of the capital. The iconic French brand recreated a magical and aspirational setting to present its creations.

El Invernadero, had a “rentrée” with art, hosting a new exhibition in the cycle “Blurring Borders in Art”, signed by Art U Ready, and which alludes to the rupture with the line that categorises and pigeonholes artists.  On this occasion, the artists Dagoberto Rodríguez and Nuria Mora joined forces in a proposal that defies the frontiers between art and design, creating the exhibition “Orillero”, a space in which different artistic forms dialogued with each other.

For our most sought-after space, the year culminated with the visit of journalists from all over Europe to discover Amazon Fashion’s Autumn Winter 2022 Collection, in a very chic setting created for the occasion by the communication and PR agency Nota Bene.

The innovative eyewear brand Hawkers chose our most sustainable house, Passivhaus, to create the advertising campaign for its limited edition 2022. The result was some fun and disruptive images, to which the brand has already accustomed us and starring actress Paula Echevarría.

Our exclusive English-style estate in the Segovian countryside was the venue for the unveiling of the new Range Rover Sport 2022. In order to allow the press to test the new model in the countryside, a closed circuit was built within the estate. For approximately twenty days, only a privileged few, invited by Land Rover, were able to test the legendary brand’s new model for the first time.

The Charhadas agency chose our 1780s mansion to celebrate a great Ugly Sweater Party in collaboration with Disneyland Paris. The presentation was attended by two exceptional guests: Donald and Goofy. A wonderful Christmas atmosphere, thanks to a decoration taken care of to the maximum detail, accompanied by a personalized catering in which could not miss the typical Christmas punch, and biscuits in the shape of the ears of the most famous mouse on the planet.

This has been a year of dreams fulfilled, we look forward to fulfilling many more in 2023 in your company.

Happy New Year!