The Sibarist

The Sibarist prepares to celebrate Christmas with a special Christmas table

We transported to El Invernadero, where Sylvia Girón, interior designer and founding partner, captivates us with her proposal for the table, offering us suggestions for the most special time of the year.

For this occasion, it has counted on the special collaboration of Rue Vintage, Atelier Pottery, Zara Home, Pedreño and Leticia Rodríguez de la Fuente together with Es Tiempo de Flores.

In the art of receiving, you can’t miss a good table and what better time than Christmas to put more focus on our homes and welcome the ones we love the most.

Leticia Rodríguez de la Fuente proposes an artistic installation. Sculptural pieces make up an eclectic mix of wild flora skeletons, collected from the Vega del río Ungria and the Alcarria; Sambucus nigra, Cardo real, Verbascum Sinnuatum or Salvia Argéntea. The wreaths of dry ferns crown our dreamlike landscape and invite us to reflect on the poetics of the ephemeral and its multiple facets. We have achieved an elegant and natural ensemble guided as always by art, architecture and design. The Christmas touch is created by a large wreath on the central wall of the Greenhouse, which hangs from the ceiling like a sculpture and presides over the table.

The choice of colours, textures and decorative arrangements can be a perfect exercise in creativity.

This year Sylvia wanted to go for greenish colours in all their shades. As inspiration, Sylvia has been inspired by an old family jute that has been the starting point for the decoration of this table.

For this we have had the collaboration of Rue Vintage, Atelier Pottery, Zara Home and Pedreño, as well as using family pieces.

For the table linen, Sylvia worked as if it were a blank canvas. She started by creating a collage by layering several layers, with different touches of colour, in order to give consistency to the table. As a base, she chose a green floral print tablecloth with an exceptional feel. Subsequently, some celadon-coloured linen placemats with black embroidery added an elegant touch. As for the napkins, a set of original 1920s French damask thread in chlorophyll green with embroidered initials. Cutlery designed by the artist Roos Van de Velde. An ultra-light collection with organic and natural shapes that alludes to the concept of “Perfect imperfection”. Forks like branching branches, spoons with infinite leaf shapes and knives that look like shells. An ideal complement to this composition.

The plates, by Atelier Pottery, could not be more ideal. Each plate is handmade, one by one, and they are unique in high temperature white stoneware, which is just as resistant as porcelain, accompanied by golden underplates. The ensemble created so far required original and different glassware such as the glass goblets from Zara Home.

As a decorative detail, to give the final touch to the plates, I loved the Kinyarwanda Angels, handmade in Rwanda with palm fibre and bark materials. Ideal for hanging on the tree or as a decorative detail for the Christmas table.