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Madrid in five gastronomic plans

The gastronomic plans in Madrid are endless. Take note of these five plans, some of the openings of the moment that you can't miss if you walk the streets.

The city has become one of the world capitals with the greatest projection and gastronomic offer, making it one of the must-visit and favourite destinations for the most intrepid foodies.

Have you heard about the pizza of the moment? The Parking Pizza project lands in Madrid after its resounding success in Barcelona, becoming a place of pilgrimage for lovers of this acclaimed Italian dish. The concept of pizzeria, here, is elevated. Do you know the first bar in the city? One of Mexico’s most traditional dishes has found its temple in Madrid at Mamitacos, one of the latest openings in the Malasaña neighbourhood. Here, you can enjoy birria tacos and the authentic Michelada. Are you a fan of good coffee and artisan pastries? Speciality cafés dot the city, but one of our favourites is in the Chamberí neighbourhood. Wilko Coffee offers, in addition to an “All day breakfast” concept, an interesting offer for lunch with the city’s most delicious sandwiches and bagels as protagonists. Do you love Italian cuisine? You’ll have to check out one of the most talked-about openings in the city, Manifesto 13. A restaurant with homemade pasta, some of the most traditional Italian dishes and an interesting range of signature cocktails. Craving classic roast chicken? We’re talking about the perfect place, it’s called Zagal 1200 and it’s located in a cosy place in the Salamanca neighbourhood. Here, elaborate side dishes and homemade sauces are the perfect accompaniment.

Choosing, this time, will be a tricky business!


Restaurante Pizzería

One of the most acclaimed and popular pizzerias in Barcelona has just landed in the centre of Madrid. The simple act of eating pizza, at PARKING PIZZA, is elevated. A photogenic, industrial-looking, minimalist aesthetic, with a casual and fun concept with tables to share, makes this opening one of the must-stops for foodies chasing the latest openings. After the success of their four establishments in Barcelona, they have now landed at number 89 Paseo de la Castellana with future plans to open a new establishment in Madrid’s Chamberí neighbourhood. Among their starters you will find fun focaccias, such as onion or rosemary, and essential dishes such as their “burrata stracciatella with confit tomatoes and basil” or the classic “vitello tonnato with sirloin and capers”. A variety of salads, an interesting selection of Italian cold meats, such as their original “finocchiona” salami flavoured with fennel and slate, and their highly original battery of pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven, made with fresh products and long fermented dough, make up a rounded menu. Our favourite pizza? You can’t leave without trying their number 12, with “bacon, taleggio cheese, spinach, egg and pecorino”. Finally, don’t forget to ask for their delicious homemade ice creams, such as gianduja, or their homemade tiramusu, prepared every day in their kitchen in full view of the diners.


Restaurante Wilko

This small and cosy speciality café in the Chamberí neighbourhood, just a few metres from the busy Vallehermoso Market, is an essential stop for lovers of good coffee, artisan pastries and casual lunches. Under the concept of “All day breakfast”, at WILKO COFFEE you can start the day enjoying their sourdough toast, baked on the premises, accompanied by butter and homemade jams, natural tomato and EVOO or their scrambled or grilled free-range eggs. You can’t leave without trying their “Wilko Avo”, served with avocado hummus, dried fruit dukkah, lime and topped with the classic poached egg. Their yoghurt with granola, fresh fruit and chia or their homemade porridge with oats, mango, coconut and passion fruit are also perfect options for lovers of healthy options. For lunch, Wilko has an interesting menu of sandwiches, such as the “pibil with marinated chicken, avocado, red onion and coriander” or very complete bagels, such as the “smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber and dill” or the “crunchy bacon, lettuce, mayo and tomato”. Among its wide range of sweets you will find its “blueberry pancake with almonds, blueberries and mascarpone”, a wide variety of cakes, such as the “cheesecake” or its fluffy “carrot cake”, homemade sponge cakes in different flavours or the delicious Wilko biscuit, with “peanut butter, chic chip and salt flakes”. A perfect place to have a leisurely breakfast at any time of the day, enjoy a light lunch or start the weekend with a brunch.


Restaurante Mani

A few metres from Madrid’s Plaza de Olavide, in one of the most gastronomic hubs of the Chamberí neighbourhood, we find MANIFIESTO 13. One of the city’s most acclaimed recent openings, this spacious restaurant, full of photogenic and sophisticated corners, offers diners a gastronomic journey through Italy. Its kitchen team, headed by chef Simone Nebbia, proposes a journey through some of the most traditional and well-known dishes of Italian cuisine. Its fresh pasta, made every day in its workshop with rimacinata semolina and 00 flour, is one of the main stars of its menu. Its “pineapple and parmigiano agnolotti with homemade butter and fried sage”, its “rigatoni allá genovese” or the classic “tagliolini aglio, olio e peperoncino, with celery cream, clams and bottarga”, are some of the options that will vary and adapt to the seasonal produce. You can’t miss some of the main dishes either, such as their original “panzanella with leeks, roasted peppers and Sardinian flower”, their “tonnata tongue”, their “wild mushrooms with caramelised cauliflower, free-range egg and paprika de la Vera” or their “organic seine needle alla milanese, with pizzaiola sauce and seasonal salad”, another of their must-try dishes. In addition, its lively cocktail bar, designed to create an informal and fun night-time atmosphere, has an interesting selection of signature cocktails, including versions of classics such as the Negroni, the Old Fashioned or its “Fuck Aperol”, its more rogue version of the Spritz.


Restaurante Mamitacos

Have you heard of “birria”? At MAMITACOS, one of the latest gastro openings in Madrid’s Malasaña neighbourhood, this traditional Mexican stew, originally from the state of Jalisco, takes centre stage. Made with veal shank and marrow, stewed at low temperature with Mexican chillies, different spices and a secret touch of the house, it is served in different versions such as the traditional Mexican taco, quesadilla (only suitable for cheese lovers), ramen or pizza. A family project that pays homage to the laid-back cuisine of Mexican mothers, and which has become a must for lovers of this surprising gringo-Mexican fusion that has managed to position itself as the star street food on the streets of Los Angeles. The journey, at Mamitacos, can start with their addictive homemade totopos with guacamole and continue with their “quesabirria”, their characteristic beef birria wrapped in grilled cheese and served with its own broth, their tacos in different versions, the original “birriamen”, their birria ramen mixed with noodles and ready to enjoy with chopsticks or their “takielote”, a surprising combination of corn with crushed takis, cheese and a spicy touch. Don’t forget to ask for their homemade sauces, perfect to accompany each and every one of their dishes, such as the green tomatillo sauce or “los chiles de mami”, only suitable for spicy lovers. Don’t forget to pair it with one of their Margaritas or the classic Michelada, prepared with a mixture of beer, lime juice, spice and salt.


Restaurante Zagal

ZAGAL 1200 has managed to elevate the concept of the classic neighbourhood poultry restaurant. Located in a small and cosy establishment in the Salamanca neighbourhood, it turns its gaze towards tradition with modern touches, where the protagonists are the raw material and the care taken in the choice of the product and its cooking. Two childhood friends, Adriana de Zunzunegrui and Borja Galobart, have embarked on this project in which roast chicken prepared in specialised charcoal ovens, selected after long journeys around Spain and France, becomes the absolute protagonist. Their menu also offers original sandwiches such as the “Calimero”, served on “glass bread with shredded charcoal chicken, grilled peppers, Edam cheese and chimichurri mayonnaise”, or their “Piolín”, on delicate “brioche bread, with charcoal chicken, caramelised onion, Edam, Dijon mustard and rocket”. Here, the garnishes become very important: rustic potatoes, their salad of candied cherry tomatoes from El Ejido, charcoal-grilled Picassent sweet potato, aubergine with hummus and sesame seeds or their wide variety of homemade sauces, such as the onion sauce with PX, the classic chimichurri or the original Bourbon, become the perfect complements.Room for dessert? You can enjoy their homemade cakes, cheesecake with dulce de leche, lemon with meringue or chocolate with icing sugar and cream. Don’t forget that you can enjoy it on the premises or at home, using their take away or delivery service. Long live roast chicken!

Editor: Álex de la Rosa

Álex is a journalist and a reference in the world of gastronomy, creator of the successful blog “Que no me la den con queso”.