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Mercado de San Antón

Open at any time, a classic that reinvents itself without losing its essence.

The market is back. The Sundays of aperitif are back. The shopping at the stalls, cart in hand, is back. The “who gives the time” is back. The conversations with the real experts in gastronomic raw materials are back. The smell of freshly baked bread returns. The singing murmur of the stalls is back. Back the desire to dare and share.

These days the famous market of Chueca, the San Antón, looks more decorated than ever because it is brand new. The space has been renovated and new stalls have been added, 16 to be exact, some with a long history with Hevia, La Ancha or Café Comercial.

Although this facelift has not affected the classic and endearing air of the market, where granite, steel, flashy and fun neon lights and 3D elements share existence with white tiles faithful to the tradition of a market square. The renovation has been carried out by the architectural firm BURR, who has designed a central island on the second floor of the market as well as a total renovation of the stalls on the second floor.

Under this clear premise, we did not want to miss the inauguration of this new stage and enjoy this plan as traditional as autochthonous of vermouth with olives in an elongated glass, tapa in the center of the table, high chair that facilitates social interaction and whatever comes our way.  And if what comes along is a delicious meal based on half portions to be able to try everything, all the better.

In the first contact we decided to go for tradition. Among the stalls we found some with a long history in the sector such as Hevia, La Manuela, La Casa del Bacalao, Casa Olivar, and even a branch of the well-known Café Comercial.

We decided to start with the classic par excellence: La Ancha’s potato omelette. First of all, we would like to clarify that here we are more on the side that this gastronomic wonder is undercooked (very undercooked). That when it is cut, the inside spills out, never better said. The one from La Ancha meets our expectations. The potato is also poached to perfection, so much so that it melts in the mouth, and the onion is tender, with a very light caramelized touch. We continue with a dish that could well be an ode to the gastronomy of the sea: the balanced Russian salad with ventresca (tuna belly) from Hevia.


It is clear that what unites this ambitious project is the love for good products and the recovery of the most traditional customs, but there is also room for fusion and innovation. This is evident from the first bite of the original Chuka Sando sandwiches, which are the new proposal for Japanese cuisine from the idolized (with good reason) Chuka Ramen Bar. But also with the new concept of contemporary trattoria Flavia, where skewers, artichokes, meatballs and parmigiana leave us speechless.

There is also room for the latest gastronomic craze as the award-winning hamburger Juancho’s BBQ, or the different elaborations of gourmet chicken from the hand of Van Van Chicken. The list is rounded out with fun stalls such as 1000 and a wine By Distinto, ideal for toasting with friends while enjoying the most exquisite preserves at Nudista, Mistura, for all those with a sweet tooth in search of the best artisan ice cream in Madrid, or Metatopy, a must for lovers of floral art.

So, the market reinvents itself with enthusiasm, to continue being a reference of Chueca. A neuralgic center capable of bringing together the best of each food house, and that this spring promises to be full of concerts. We went out the door promising to return in the morning with our shopping cart to get in line behind the kArMA FruVer greengrocer’s, Octavio’s charcuterie, the emblematic Alian poultry and the Madreamiga artisan bakery, but above all with a big smile on our faces.


24 Augusto Figueroa St. Madrid.

San Anton Market

A boutique bar, a renovated tavern, a traditional bar and a place to have a drink are all the concepts that this establishment combines.
Traditional nostalgia in the most sought-after tavern in Malasaña